The best ice cream places in Krakow


There’s nothing better than enjoying creamy, yummy ice cream on a warm and sunny day. And good for us, the season of ice cream has already started in the city! Krakow’s residents really do love ice cream a lot, so do not be surprised if you notice huge queues near some ice-cream shops.Yes, Krakow has dozens of ice cream places and it can be hard to choose the best one. But don’t worry, here are 5 must-visit ice cream places that are totally worth going to and if you have enough time in Krakow, you can try all of them. Enjoy!


1. Good Lood

Address: Plac Wolnica 11

This one is definitely my favorite. I just like everything about this place! They have a few permanent standard flavours: dark chocolate, local dairy (milk & fresh cream), caramel with pink salt, Polish strawberry and, moreover, every day they add some special new flavours. There are also quite a lot of vegan options here.

And a big plus is that they are open during the winter too. So it’s always Ice Cream weather here.


2. Ice cream at Starowiślna St.

Address: Starowiślna 83

The famous ice cream at Starowiślna Street is a legendary place, which always has a long line of people waiting for their unforgettable home-made ice-cream, which is still as good as it was decades ago.

The reason is that it is made only of natural ingredients. There are a couple of traditional flavours here, which include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee and blueberry, but it is enough to enjoy the taste.


3. Frozen Rolls – Thai Ice Cream

Address: Ciemna 4

If you’re bored with Italian-style ice cream, try a new trend: Thai ice cream rolls. Here you can choose any number of ingredients and even compose your own mix. They use only fresh fruits and sweets. Also vegan, organic and gluten-free versions are available here.


4. Tiffany

Address: plac Szczepański 7

This place is the first Persian ice-cream parlor in Poland, which presents Persian Tastes prepared on the spot by their Iranian master confectioner. It is well-known for its unusual flavours and some extraordinary tastes, such as: Persian Saffron, Persian Rose, Baklava, Persian Berry, Pistachio. And of course, their ice cream is made only of high-quality ingredients and fresh seasonal fruit. So are you excited to try something special?


5. Donizetti

Address: Świętego Marka 23

Donizetti is the taste of real Italy in Krakow. Here you can enjoy homemade ice-cream desserts, as well as delicious waffles and pancakes. The chefs here use only natural and selected ingredients originating mainly from Italy. The most interesting thing is the constant change of flavors of ice cream, which you can try, for example, Rhubarb, basil, pistachios, hazelnuts, and many others – every time there is something different. Many flavours you could not find anywhere else in Krakow!

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