OPEN Community and Participatory Theater Festival

21.11.2022 - 26.11.2022

Between November 21 and 26, the OPEN Community and Participatory Theater Festival will be held again at the MU Theater. The aim of the festival is to expand the interpretations of theater and to create an active community event. This year the festival’s central ideas will be loneliness, community, home and power, which will be the themes of workshops, educational theater performances, community theater projects and participatory performances.

VII. OPEN Community and Participatory Theater Festival
We invite participants to deepen and get closer to each other again through games and interactions. We believe that being in a community, thinking together, listening to each other, and openness can help us get out of this social crisis. At this year’s festival, the themes of loneliness, community, home, and power come to the fore. Everything that surrounds us, everything in which we live.
November 21. 10.30 MU Theatre: B-plan Private
November 23. 19.00 Paralel Creative Group: Home rehearsal demo
November 24. 19.00 Káva Cultural Workshop-MU Theater: Sziget
November 25. 19.00 Bálint Villant: The Enemy of the People – board game (for power)
November 26. 19.00 MU Theatre: Just a moment! Private

The first day of the festival is for the high school age group. We are waiting for you with a community session that dissects the topic of Plan B. In the middle of the week, the Paralel Creative Group will provide an insight into the creative process of the relay-winning community theater performance Home. During the workshop, which can be considered a trial demonstration, the participants can try out some exercises and games of the creative process, which can lead a community to the completion of a performance.
On Thursday, we are looking forward to the successful interactive performance of the Káva Theater, The Island, how to build a micro-community when you are completely closed off from the outside world. The performance is based on Sigridur Hagalin’s novel Bjornsdottir: The Island. On the penultimate day, you can take part in Bálint Villant’s board game, which was inspired by the Freeszfe Association’s presentation The Enemy of the People. You can see the performance in the MU Theater at the end of October and in November. During the game, it’s not the dice that decide, it’s YOU. We will close the festival with our own production, a community performance, which we created together with students and pensioners. We think about community, separation and the conquest of the digital world.
Tickets and more information on the website of “MU Színház”.

Venue: MU Theatre
Date: November 21-26
Time: 10:30-21:00

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Budapest, Mu Színház, Kőrösy József utca, Magyarország


1500-5000 Ft EUR

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