Night of Movement Budapest

17.06.2022 - 18.06.2022

A full night of moving, hiking, running and much more you can imagine! 🚴 🚣 Now is the best time to do something for your health. Don’t miss the Night of Movement in Budapest!

Play sports all night long in the heart of Budapest, in the beautifully renovated City Park and Hősök Square. At this iconic venue, you can try 25 sports and find the one you enjoy the most. The “sports festival feeling” can be all over your body, and the Five Trial points will line your pockets.
The Night of Movement on 17 June will have a special place in the 2022 Five Trial Paris calendar, as you will have the chance to score points in several Five Trial sports in one night, using the GeoGo app.
You can run, hike, bike, rollerblade and even paddle!
In addition to the Night of Movement, this year there are more than 150 point-scoring events to collect guaranteed prizes, including 9 different, unique Magyarock products.

When: June 17, 2022 (Friday) | 19:00 – 4:00
Where: Hősök tere, Budapest, Hungary
Price: Participation is free, but registration is required! (RUNNING, CYCLING, ROLLER SKATING, NIGHT HIKING)
DANUBE DRAGON BOATING: Entry fee: 2000 HUF/person

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Budapest, Hősök tere, Hősök tere, Hungary


0 - 2000 Ft EUR

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