Misero Prospero Project: The Underground Files

09.11.2021 - 10.11.2021

Excerpts from the diary of a Russian official (2021)
A dance-theatre performance based on the short novel Notes from the Mousehole by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Imagine reading Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Mousehole and then going to sleep. We have dreams, or even nightmares, at night. Then the next day we try to tell what we dreamed. Although it was related to the night’s reading, it was still our own inner world, our own prism, in the refraction of our own eyes, closed to us. so we have to ask ourselves whether our dreams are surreal and grotesque, or whether they are our everyday life, from which our dreams are fed.

Written and directed by Carlos Rodero
Performed by Domokos Kovács & Diána Bodócs
Choreography by Chloé Beillevaire

Composer: Jorge F. G. Gila
Set design by Angéla Csúcs and Carlos Rodero
Costume design by Angéla Csúcs
Lighting by Bernat Llançà
Music and sound design: Jorge Gila
Cinematography by Med Amine Messaoudi
Video installation by András Szombathy
Dramaturgical consultant and Hungarian text by Mihály Nagy
Edited and directed by Carlos Rodero
Executive Production: TWIN MEDIA
Production Assistant: Luca Csatai

The Misero Prospero Project is an international dance-theatre-performance company based in Budapest, led by writer and director Carlos Rodero. Since 2007, the company has been exploring new ways and languages of dance, music, theatre and other performing arts, drawing on the diversity of its genres and cultures.

Location: Budapest, Bethlen Téri Színház, Bethlen Gábor tér, Hungary
Tuesday 9 November 2021
Wednesday 10 November 2021
Entrance: 2500 HUF

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Budapest, Bethlen Téri Színház, Bethlen Gábor tér, Magyarország


2500 HUF EUR

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