Lecture: for those who watch

20.10.2021 - 21.10.2021

On 20 & 21 October, we are organising lectures on being a family member of LGBTQI people.
Emil Åkerö, who has written the handbook For Those Who Watch, will talk about the work on the book and the experiences and research highlighted in the book.

You will get concrete tools to deal with different situations and concerns.
The 20th of October is aimed at those who are parents, relatives or carers, while the 21st will focus on those who meet LGBTQI people in their profession.

Where: the House of Health
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Price: 499kr + Service. Signed book included! Booked via billetto

About the book:
For those who watch – a handbook for those who are a carer of an LGBTQ person
This is a book for you who watch to hold! Because we know that support can be needed, both in finding knowledge and in sorting out feelings. You who watch is important to the health of LGBTQ people. As a group, young LGBTQ people are more vulnerable in society and over-represented when it comes to mental illness. To address this, we need to work with those closest to them.

For Those Who Watch features interviews with people who have made the journey and who share their experiences and tips, facts about LGBTQ issues and mental health, and information and exercises. Parents such as the artist Anne-Lie Rydé and the professional footballer Glenn Hysén are among the contributors. Norms psychologist Lina Bodestad, sociologist and psychotherapist Anneli Svensson and lecturer Camilla Gisslow will share their experiences and knowledge.

The book has been produced in cooperation with the network Proud Parents of LGBTQ Children and with the support of Transammans Ekerö


Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan, Stockholm, Sverige


499 + service EUR

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