National Sports Swimming Pool

01.06.2022 - 31.08.2022

If you would rather relax in a swimming pool, it is worth visiting the country’s popular water sports center, the Hajós Alfréd National Sports Swimming Pool. The sports swimming pool, designed by and named after the first Hungarian Olympic champion, is Hungary’s first indoor swimming pool. The facility is located at Margaret Island, equipped with 8 pools and a diving platform. You can also use the outdoor, renovated part of the swimming complex, which is named Tamás Széchy Swimming Pool. Although the best of the top local water sport athletes train here, both professionals and beginners are welcome.

Place: Margaret Island
Date: All year round

Photo: Tünde Simon
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Budapest, Hajós Alfréd Nemzeti Sportuszoda és Széchy Tamás Uszoda, Margitsziget, Hungary


750-11100 Ft EUR

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