Things to do in Budapest


January 2023 in Budapest

Find out what's happening this January in Budapest. We once again brought you the list of events, programs and best things to do in the city. Have fun!

Budapest this weekend

What to do in Budapest this weekend? We've brought you a selection of the best events and things to do in Budapest this weekend.

Budapest Nightlife

On a terrace or on a boat, on an island or a few metres underground - in this city, you're guaranteed to find a place to go out in the evening and have fun. The following 15 places are some of our favourites.


Unique restaurants and cafes

Discover with us unique restaurants and cafes in Budapest. Whether it's the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, perfect American pies or a typical Hungarian restaurant, our list has everything.

Breakfast in Budapest

Are you breakfast-lover? We are, we enjoy eggs benedict, fresh juice, warm croissants, cappuccinos and all other things that will make your day. So we have decided to bring you our favorite breakfast and brunch places in our beautiful city Budapest.

Hungarian traditional food

Traditional dishes, which have developed over thousands of years of Hungarian history, continue to be part of a proud and rich cultural heritage. We have collected the ten most typical Hungarian dishes that you can enjoy and taste during your stay in Budapest.

Budapest flea markets

It is worth arriving at the flea markets early, as this is the time with the biggest selection or arrive before closing time and enjoy bigger discounts. There are a number of places in Budapest where you can get some real gems, and we've got a list of them for you.

Farmer´s markets Budapest

Visit farmers' markets in Budapest, where you can buy not only delicious, but also healthy products from local farmers. Fresh fruits, vegetable, honey and much more..

Romantic places in Budapest

Planning a romantic getaway with your love in Budapest? Or just want to have a lovely afternoon? Maybe you want to surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend with a special day in Budapest? Then here are my top tips if you want to make sure you enjoy the city’s romantic spirit in the best possible way. Great walks, beautiful views, local hidden gems, all in one hand ?

Top things to do in Budapest

Welcome to Budapest, Budapest, as the capital of Hungary, offers a lot of unique experiences. The city in a beautiful natural environment with a rich architectural and historical heritage, offering a combination of culture, delicious cuisine and thermal baths …We prepared for you the list of top things to do in our amazing city.

Things to do in Budapest with kids

Budapest is a great city to enjoy even with small kids. In this next list, we have collected some of the best attractions, which will be enjoyed by the youngest generation as well ?

Virtual tour of Budapest

Budapest virtual tour. Would you like to visit Budapest? Budapest is a beautiful city, full of colours, delicious meals and amazing monuments. Definitely a place to visit. But if you can not travel right now, enjoy at least our virtual tour of Budapest.

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