Hiking near Vienna

Hiking in Vienna

Hiking near Vienna. Where to hiking in Vienna? Discover our tips for the most beautiful places near Vienna.

🍀 Lunz am See 🍀

An idyllic little village in the middle of the mountains adjacent to Lunzer Lake. You can explore the shores of the lake, have a dip in the water, go and have a look at the museum in the village or spend some time on the promenade eating delicious Austrian food….
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🍀 Myra Waterfalls 🍀
Myra Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Austria. The hiking trail which leads to the waterfall is very easy so even children can come and visit with you. Along the trail, you´ll be able to see numerous cascades and smaller waterfalls.
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🍀 Krems Day Trip 🍀
Krems an der Donau. A beautiful city is known for its Danube Festival, wine, culture and of course – apricots. Hiking trails in nature, a remarkable art scene and, of course, a number of pleasant wine taverns offering the best vintages not only from Austria.
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🍀 Nature Reserve Hohe Wande 🍀
Nature reserve Hohe Wande is situated not far away from Vienna and is a perfect place to take your kids and spend some time outside. Numerous hiking trails, beautiful view and one of a kind viewing tower “Skywalk”.
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🍀 Trip to the Danube Island 🍀
Numerous beaches, hike trails, lounges, bars, pubs and cafés alongside the 21-kilometer-long area offer lots of opportunities for people to go out and enjoy a little bit of sunshine. If you are a fan of sports you won´t be disappointed either. There are lots of opportunities to cycle, skate, jog or just simply walk around the shore of the Danube. Or you can rent a boat and enjoy the sunshine and water at the same time.
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🍀 Trip to Nature Reserve Foehrenberge 🍀
The nature reserve offers its visitors plenty of mountain bike routes where you can take your kids and families for a nice day out. You can have a picnic in the meadows filled with flowers or find shelter at the picnic tables spread all around the area. At the site of more than 6 hectares, there is a lot to see and we think that everyone will be able to find their favourite spot in the vast and diverse landscape of the reserve.
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🍀 Kahlenberg Mountain 🍀
If you are looking for a place to go to for a day trip, one of the places we recommend is Kahlenberg mountain in Vienna. Located in the Vienna Woods it is one of the best places where you can enjoy a view over the entire city of Vienna and the vineyards in the vicinity of Kalhlenberg.
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🍀 Trip to Vienna Woods 🍀
Around 45 km long and 30 km wide area is a place where a lot of Vienna´s population goes to relax every day. Whether to jog, hike or simply walk around and enjoy nature. The whole landscape is a hiking paradise for lovers of nature with endless possibilities for spending time outdoors. Some hiking trails and places interesting to see are for example the Beethoven hiking trail which was renovated as a part of the celebrations of Beethoven year 2020, Kurpark in the spa in Baden with beautiful fountains, the cholera chapel, cider taverns, vineyards in Sooß or the Calvary in Maria-Lanzendorf.
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