Dia de los muertos Krakow


An evening with Mexican cuisine and culture. “Dia de Muertos”. It is mainly celebrated in Mexico and Central America, but has also taken root in many places in the US, and wherever Mexicans and Central American migrants have settled. In addition, this holiday has come to such exotic locations as Prague or New Zealand Wellington as an alternative to local celebrations of similar themes or a reaction to commercialized Halloween (derived from the Celtic tradition). In the Mexican tradition, the Day of the Dead is a joyful occasion, because the dead still exist and their souls triggered and guided by the buds of the marigolds, share their joy in the company of their celebrating families. Now you can enjoy the feeling of Dia de los muertos in Krakow Cafe Oranżeria where you will celebrate this holiday with traditional Mexican cuisine.

Place: Oranżeria plac Kossaka 1, Kraków, Poľsko
Date: October 30 2020
Start: 7 PM – 1 AM
Admission: 27-38€
+48 12 379 59 50 or restauracja@cafeoranzeria.pl

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Oranżeria, plac Kossaka 1, Kraków, Poľsko


27-38 EUR

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