March 2023 in Krakow


March in Krakow

Top things to do in Kraków in March 2023. Although the weather may still be a little cold, the first signs of spring appear in March in Kraków. You’ll be able to walk around and explore outdoor sights longer and enjoy spring vibes. Be sure to check out some great activities, including a few exhibitions, the Easter Market, concerts and other events in Krakow!
1. Easter Market on Kraków’s Main Square
2. Kraków Golden Concerts
3. Exhibition of Tamara Lempicka 
4. Concerts in the St. Martin's Church
5. 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus
6. From the Japanese Collection of Feliks “Manggha” Jasieński
7. Krakow Comics Festival
8. The Krakow Philharmonic Wawel Evening
9. Gallery of Polish design of the 20th and 21st centuries
10. Krakow Cello Spring Festival


1. Easter Market on Kraków’s Main Square

Date: 30.03.2023 - 10.04.2023
Address: Rynek Główny /Main Square

At this traditional annual Easter Market you’ll find many items related to Easter holidays, such as baskets, palm trees, candles, Easter eggs, hand-painted porcelain, jewelry, tablecloths, napkins, headdresses and other regional products, as well as wafers and gingerbread. Both Krakowians and tourists alike will enjoy the Easter Fair’s small gastronomy booths, offering delicious grilled dishes, street food, and other Polish cuisine available from 10:00 to 21:00. You’ll also be able to enjoy numerous events related to the Easter holiday, such as the consecration of palms and Easter baskets, as well as the traditional Polish Easter rites.


Targi Wielkanocne 2023


2. Kraków Golden Concerts

Date: 19.03.23, 17:00
Address: Pod Baranami Palace, Rynek Główny 27

Kraków Golden Concerts invites you to a unique music experience right in the heart of the city. During the concerts you will hear hits from around the world from popular movies and series in string quartet arrangements. Each concert will be played in a Baroque ballroom of the Pod Baranami Palace with a view of the Main Square. Guests will be offered a complimentary glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage. In the concert programme you will hear music from: Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, Shape of Water, Stranger Things, The Witcher, The Crow and others.


Kraków Golden Concerts


3. Exhibition of Tamara Lempicka

Date: 09.09.22 - 12.03.22
Address: Gmach Główny, al. 3 Maja 1

The exhibition of Tamara Lempicka is an opportunity to enter the visual world of one of the most extraordinary artists of the twentieth century. Here you can view over thirty paintings from museums and private collections in Europe and the United States of America. From well-known portraits and nudes, which today are a symbol of art deco painting, through socially engaged works, still lifes, and little-known abstract paintings created in the 1950s, the exhibition will showcase Lempicka’s extraordinary body of work. At the exhibition you can also see the photographic portraits of Lempicka made by outstanding photographers.


Wystawa Tamary Łempickiej


4. Concerts in the St. Martin's Church

Date: 26.03.23, 17:00
Address: Church of St. Martin,  ul. Grodzka 58

Concerts of early classical music in the Church of St. Martin, organized by the Polish Bach Society, take place once a month on the last Sunday of the month. Their performers are renowned artists, as well as outstanding students of the Academy of Music in Krakow. Every concert is preceded by an introduction, bringing the audience closer to the concert's repertoire (in Polish). In March the concert of classical music features: The College of Evangelical Music and Blanka Dembosz-Tondera: artistic director. Admission is free.


Koncerty u św. Marcina


5. 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus

Date:  28.02.23 - 07.05.23
Address: Muzeum Książąt Czartoryskich, ul. Pijarska 15

This year marks the 550th anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus and this exhibition is part of the celebrations of this memorable event. Copernicus was a versatile scholar, a genius of the Renaissance. His anniversary became an opportunity to present the Copernican collections of the library of the Czartoryski Princes museum: autographs, letters, first editions of his books, valuable astronomical works related to his person and to the reception of heliocentric theory. There are also selected publications covering various areas of his activity and testifying to the great cult that surrounded him in Polish society over the centuries.




6. From the Japanese Collection of Feliks “Manggha” Jasieński

Date:  09.10.2022 - 03.05.2023
Address: Manggha museum, ul. M. Konopnickiej 26.

The Manggha Museum hosts the first in a series of exhibitions of items from the Japanese collection of Feliks “Manggha” Jasieński (1861–1929), one of the greatest Polish collectors and patrons of the arts. The exhibition shows selected items from the Japanese collection of Feliks Jasieński – paintings, lacquerware, ceramics, cloisonné enamels, and bronze wares – in which broadly defined nature is the dominating theme, mostly depictions of flowers and birds.


Z japońskiej kolekcji Feliksa „Mangghi” Jasieńskiego


7. Krakow Comics Festival

Date: 24.03.23 - 26.03.23
Address: Museum of comics, ul. Sarego 7

The Krakow Comics Festival is the largest annual meeting of fans of comics, illustrations, animation and other forms of visual narrative in southern Poland. In the programme of each edition you can find attractions for all ages: author meetings, discussion panels, lectures, workshops, shows and exhibitions.Two days full of attractions for big and small readers!


Krakowski Festiwal Komiksu


8. The Krakow Philharmonic Wawel Evening

Date: 12.03.23, 19:00
Address: Wawel Royal Castle, Wawel 5

For 40 years, Wawel evenings gathered at the Wawel Royal Castle crowds of music lovers and admirers of music of old centuries. Concerts are organized in the Senators’ Hall, which once hosted Senate meetings and important royal ceremonies. The hall decorated with Arras from the collection of Sigismund August perfectly corresponds with the presented repertoire. Due to the limited number of seats, the concerts were an exclusive event. The Castle Senate Hall will once again resound with old music – this season by giants including Bach, Handel or Vivaldi, and others coming from the British Isles. On March 12, the programme is called: Music for a while - English Baroque music.


Wieczór wawelski Filharmonii Krakowskiej


9. Objects. Gallery of Polish design of the 20th and 21st centuries

Date: 17.12. 2021 - 31.12. 2030
Address: Kamienica Szołayskich im. Feliksa Jasieńskiego, pl. Szczepański 9

At this exhibition in the Szołayski House, you will trace the history of Polish design from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries to the present: from graphic design, through fashion, to furniture – a total of 350 exhibits! The exhibition opens with works from the Polish Applied Art Society and Krakow workshops, as well as examples of the Zakopane style. In the part devoted to the second Polish Republic we will find forms of artistic expression in the spirit of modernism and avant-garde. The largest room presents fashion, and a separate room is dedicated to the Polish poster of the 20th century. There will also be features from the time of the Communist Party of Poland, and the whole is crowned by projects from the period after 1989 – from those created for the needs of public space to Polish computer games.


Galeria designu polskiego XX i XXI wieku


10. Krakow Cello Spring Festival

Date: 12.03.23 - 18.03.23
Address: Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow, 43 St. Thomas Street

The purpose of the event is the promotion of young talents, promotion of music by Polish composers and the development of performing traditions in the field of cello music. The Programme of this year's edition of the festival includes a series of five concerts and numerous lectures and courses, which will be conducted by world-famous cellists.


Krakowska Wiosna Wiolonczelowa

Photo: @krakowcityguide
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