WOMAI – House of Senses

24.09.2020 - 24.10.2020

WOMAI World Of My All Inspirations. The two exhibitions, Into the light and Into the dark, a delight to encourage people to look at reality from a different perspective and teach about the world while having fun. The Light exhibition is aimed at the sense of sight, presenting a wide spectrum: music, illusion, the unreliable way the brain works, physics, chemistry and even geography. Our guides will share their knowledge with passion. The dark exhibition is about everything except the sense of sight. Here, in absolute darkness, you will be able to experience the world in the same way as blind people. A blind guide will lead you through a busy intersection, help you choose fruit at the market and cooking spices, and take you on a trip to a forest. Welcome to WOMAI, a totally unique experience in Poland.

Place: WOMAI Kraków Centrum Edukacji i Wrażeń, Pawia 34, Kraków, Polska
Date: until October 24, 2020
Start: 10 am
Admission: 7 Eur

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WOMAI Kraków Centrum Edukacji i Wrażeń, Pawia 34, Kraków, Polska



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