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Rome parks, places where you can sit for a while and relax in an otherwise busy city. We have prepared a list of the most beautiful parks in Rome for you.

⛲ Villa Ada
Villa Ada is a park in the northeast part of the city, the second-largest in Rome with an area of 450 acres. It is the perfect place to relax in the shade of trees where you can see laurels, metasequoia, holm oaks. There is a large swimming pool, plenty of fountains and lakes, where you can spot turtles. Sports fans can go for jogging or cycling here. The style of the gardens is similar to the English gardens.
Address: Via Salaria, 267/273/275, Rome, Italy

? Villa Doria Pamphili
Villa Doria Pamphili is the largest park in Rome. In the past it served as a rural residence of a noble family, today it is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation. There are several buildings in the park, greenhouses, necropolises, gardens, fountains, statues and a lake. The most interesting parts of the park include the Theater Garden or greenhouses where you can admire beautiful gardens with fruit trees or exotic palm trees.
Address: Via di S. Pancrazio, Rome, Italy

? The Orange Garden
The Orange Garden or The Savello Park is the garden, whose name is derived from the characteristic presence of numerous bitter orange trees. It offers one of the most beautiful views of the city of Rome. Beautiful gardens provide plenty of seating and relaxation in this bustling city. Many call this place the hidden gem of Rome.
Address: Piazza Pietro D’Illiria, Rome, Italy

? The Aqueduct Park
If you want to try to return to the past or see the engineering skills of the ancient Romans The Aqueduct Park is the ideal choice. A number of paths, about a dozen aqueducts are only a fraction of what you can see there. An ideal place for relaxation, romantic walks or a walk with the family or even a picnic. You will have an even greater experience if you come to the park at the sunrise or sunset.
Address: Via Lemonia, 221, Rome, Italy

? Villa Borghese
The Renaissance park of Villa Borghese is one of the largest parks and it is considered the most beautiful. The large park features geometrically landscaped gardens, romantic fountains, a pond, paths lined with statues, the oldest zoo in Italy established in 1911, and three museums of global importance. In the park, there are the Pincio gardens which were rebuilt in French style at the behest of Napoleon.
Address: Piazzale Napoleone I, Rome, Italy

? Villa Torlonia
Villa Torlonia is one of the youngest parks. It is built in the English style. There are many buildings scattered throughout the area, creating a special atmosphere and an ideal place to spend your free time. Most buildings nowadays serve as museums. An interesting place is Serra moresca, inspired by a book on Arab monuments. On the eastern side of the greenhouse is Torre Moresca, which follows the Grotta Moresca, and two lakes.
Address: Via Nomentana, 70, Rome, Italy

? Park Tutti Insieme
Park Tutti Insieme or Parco della Mistica is the perfect place to relax. This park is also accessible to disabled people (especially those who cannot walk). All barriers are removed and the park creates a great place in the open air where it is possible to meet. On an area of 4 hectares, there is a park for children where they can play, a minigolf area (18 holes), a place with a gazebo where you can have a picnic and a bio lake.
Address: Via della Tenuta della Mistica, Rome, Italy

⛪ The Garden of Sant’Andrea in Quirinale
The Garden of Sant’Andrea in Quirinale is close to the center of Rome. If you want to hide from the noise of the city and spend a moment in the silence and shade of the trees, you are in the right place. Near the park, there is the monastery of Sant’Andrea in Quirinale, and it is interesting that the faithful returning from the missions brought various plants from all over the world to the park. Today, walking through the winding streets, you can admire cedars, camphor and many others. Refreshment can be found near the small fountain.
Address: Via del Quirinale, 28, Rome, Italy

? Villa Celimontana
Villa Celimontana is a very popular place and one of the most beautiful gardens in Rome. This place is an oasis of tranquility and greenery. If you want to relax a little in otherwise chaotic Rome this is a place to be. There are several fountains, ponds, obelisk and the children’s playground. If you decide to have a picnic in this park, you can choose a sunny place or rest in the shade of the trees.
Address: Via della Navicella 12, Rome, Italy

? The Central Park of the Lake
The Central Park of the Lake, also called the EUR Lake Park, represents a modern complex with an artificial basin. In the park, there are many different types of plants and many fishes can be seen in the pond. A great experience can be to walk under the beautiful Japanese cherries. Children will not be bored, because there is a playground there as well.
Address: Passeggiata del Giappone, Rome, Italy

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