The Way of the Underworld


The Way of the Underworld, A World Heritage Site, is the ancient road, sacred to the Etruscans, which connected Caere to the tufaceous plateau that housed the tombs of their loved ones. A connecting road excavated in a tuff bank to connect the city of the living with that of the dead, the last journey of the dead who were then buried in what is now called the Necropolis of the Banditaccia. The name of The Way of the Underworld happily conveys the sensation of immersion that one feels when descending into the deep trenches surrounded by tombs carved into the tuff walls at various heights. We will go to discover the tombs on the walls of the small canyon wriggling through the aggressive vegetation. We will cross a suggestive shadowy corridor, dominated by disturbing black eyes of all shapes that give access to the underworld rock world. A magical and largely unknown territory that allows you to enter, as if by magic, into the secret world of the Etruscans. We are waiting for you!

Place: Cerveteri, Rome, Italy
Date: Sunday, October 11, 2020
Start: 9:30am
Price: 0 – 10 €

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Cerveteri, Rím, Taliansko


0 - 10 EUR

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