Top 4-season location for an aperitif in Rome

24.09.2020 - 31.12.2020

Even in a European capital like Rome, for years, after a day of work or to spend a great evening with old friends, there is the trend and the habit of an aperitif. Originally born in Milan to drink from the 2000s, the aperitif has now become a must-have throughout Italy.

Initially, the workers, once office hours were over, went to the bars for a mixed pre-dinner accompanied, perhaps by sparkling prosecco, to relax for a moment and chat with friends and colleagues. For a few years, the aperitif trend has definitely been increasing, so much so that the locations have also been equipped and many others have also started this type of business, giving life to real evenings.
In the specific case, in the capital, Rome could not miss the appeal, where many club managers have created a real format of evenings, which we will now go to see.

L’aperitivo che Canta:
one of the longest-running formats in the capital, a traveling tour for years in the best locations for your aperitif in Rome. From 20:00 onwards, usually on Wednesdays or Fridays the great hits of the best Italian music are sung all together around [at the moment spaced] to a piano.

L’aperitivo Panoramico Roma:
Born a couple of years ago thanks to the synergy between the local Terrazza Gianicolo and the public relations of Discoteche Roma Aperitivi. In the summer period, from May to October, every evening on one of the most suggestive terraces in Rome, where, with a drink in hand at sunset, you can admire all the beauty of Rome with a view from the Janiculum hill, in Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, right above the cannon that fires a blank shot every day at noon.

L’aperitivo in Villa del 1900 a Roma nord:
Initially born as an atelier of the designer Valentino, over the years, Villa Sublime is one of the haunts of the Roman nightlife. Open all year round, it is one of the best four-season locations where you can have an evening just a stone’s throw from Ponte Milvio. From Wednesday to Saturday with various formats, such as ESSENZA, the aperitif, and DJ set in the roof garden, or the Hollywood evening, Saturdays start with reserved sofas or dinner served and a piano bar.

Place: Rome, Italy
Date: a full year
Contact: +39 340 498 7255 /

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