“Moss Wall” Workshop


What is a Moss Wall? It is a vertical garden composed of stabilized plants, mosses and lichens. You can add plants, flowers, sticks, bark, stones and whatever our creativity suggests in a creative way. The effect obtained is suggestive … like seeing a forest from above. The advantages are many, it has a duration of 10 years, does not require maintenance, is sound-absorbing and antistatic. In this workshop, you can teach yourself the technique and where to find all the materials needed to continue making them at home. The duration of the course is approximately 6 hours.

Place: KOKE Interior Green Design, Rome, Italy
Date: Sunday, September 20, 2020
Start: 10:00am
Price: 150€
Contact: 338/8304315 / deboravaleriani@gmail.com

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Via Vincenzo Tieri, 00123 Rím, Taliansko


150 EUR

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