Pasta alla Carbonara day

26.09.2020 - 27.09.2020

Pasta alla Carbonara day, a special day for all lovers of the famous Italian cuisine! The first thing that most people think of when you say Italy is PASTA. One of the most popular variations of this dish is pasta alla carbonara which over time has become one of the most famous Italian dishes, famous all over the world. Although in its beginnings carbonara pasta was a typical dish that characterized Roman cuisine, today the whole of Italy boasts a carbonara.

For the preparation of pasta alla carbonara was used mainly spaghetti, but in the Lazio region is also used a similar variant, known as bucatini. This type of dish has a very long history. The combination of pasta, eggs, and bacon was in the past typical for men who spent a lot of time away from home. A romance began to be associated with this food only in the 19th century, and to this day we can see carbonara pasta in the most romantic films. The first mention of this dish dates back to 1837, but carbonara pasta became an international dish only at the end of the Second World War. Thanks to its quick and easy preparation, the food has spread all over the world and various national cuisines have gradually adapted this recipe. Cream, onions, garlic, broccoli, and mushrooms were often mixed in the original recipe, and famous is also the variant, the carbonara di mare, where the bacon was replaced by seafood.

Come and taste the carbonara pasta prepared according to the original recipe, only with egg, bacon, pepper, and pecorino cheese, and you will see that nothing can beat this combination! Carbonara pasta will be prepared in front of you by the best Italian chefs.

Place: Piazza dei Mirti, Rome, Italy
Date: from Saturday 26 September to Sunday 27 September 2020
Start: 12 AM
Price: free
Contact: +39 339 337 0689 /

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Piazza dei Mirti, Rím, Taliansko



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