Ferragosto party


Ferragosto party, Ferragosto, one of the most anticipated and most popular holiday of all Italians! If you decide to travel to Italy in mid-August, you will be surely fascinated by lush celebrations, fireworks, good food and in fact, by everything that belongs to the celebration of such an important day anywhere in the Belpaese. And what is a better place to celebrate this holiday than the heart of Italy, Rome?

Don’t you know about this holiday? So you will know it better now. Ferragosto has been celebrated since ancient times, this ancient festival falls every year in mid-August, in the August15th. It has long been a tradition that this festival is celebrated outdoors, accompanied by various trips, picnics, lunches abundant. Since Ferragosto takes place on the hottest days of the year, it is accompanied by a stay by the sea. But more and more, this festival is celebrated also in the mountains, and the Italian Alps and Dolomites are visited on this day by thousands of tourists. The tendency to celebrate that day has spread to such an extent that most Italians take more days off on the days before and after August 15, so thanks to this holiday, their rest often lasts up to two weeks.

The name of the holiday derives from the Latin, and the translation means “rest of Augustus”. Augustus, the famous Roman emperor. Ferragosto is the culmination of numerous holidays celebrated in antiquity. These holidays mainly celebrated the final period of agricultural work, when people could finally rest after a long and tiring work in the fields that lasted for many months. Originally, this feast was celebrated on August 1st, but the Catholic Church moved it in mid-April and joined it to the religious feast of the Assumption of Mary.

During the hottest days, you can celebrate this holiday for example with water, sand and a swimming pool, and with good music and great food!

Place: Castel Romano, Rome, Italy
Date: 15th August 2020
Start: 11:00
Tickets: 22.00-59.00 €
Contact: +39 06 4041 1541 / info@cinecittaworld.it

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Castel Romano, Rím, Taliansko


22.00-59.00 EUR

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