WALKZONE Rome “Villa Pamphili”


Enjoy your health and your body and join WALKZONE Edition 2021! Walking has never been so fun and training! LEADER IN ITALY AND IN MANY EUROPEAN CITIES, WALKZONE®️ IS THE MOVEMENT THAT HAS REVOLUTIONIZED THE WORLD OF SPORTS WALK FOR YEARS!

Check-in appointment at 9:30 am at the entrance of Villa Pamphili in Largo 3 June 1849 (maximum punctuality is recommended for the delivery of headphones);
Departure at 10:00;
Arrival at the starting point at 11:00;
Expected route about 5/6 km;
Training duration 1.15 h (approximately);
Kcalories burned about 500/600;
High-fat burning rate;

Some rules necessary for participation:
Pets (not even small ones) can NOT participate;
Participation with prams or babies in a band is NOT allowed;
It is NOT possible to book on site on the day of the event;
The participation of children under 10 years of age is NOT allowed;
EVERYONE can participate in the event, as long as they are in good health and able to take a training walk for about an hour;

Failure to participate in a WalkZone® event, without having given notice of cancellation via email to info@walkzone.eu at least 48 hours before it takes place, does not provide for any form of recovery.
Please note that participation in this event requires the mandatory acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

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Place: Largo 3 Giugno 1849, Rome, Italy
Date: Sunday, December 12, 2021
Start: 9.30am
Price: 10.25 €
Contact: info@walkzone.eu

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Largo III Giugno 1849, Rím, Taliansko


10.25 EUR

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