04.10.2021 - 25.10.2021

Cuban SALSA is a “street dance” where the word “salsa” translates to “sauce” and is a spirited blend of spicy Afro-Cuban and delicious European rhythms, movements and dances. Anyone can dance it! Young, old, women, men, together, even alone. It is a natural expression of joy. For us, there is no such thing as “dancing wood”!

We teach everyone to dance!

– 18,00-18,55 – Cuban SALSA FREE, beginners 2 (Course 1)
– 19,00-19,55 – Cuban SALSA Couples, beginners 2 (Course 2)
– 20,00-20,55 – Cuban SALSA Couples, intermediate (Course 3)
– 21,00 – Cuban dance room


Women and men can register. Often times at Latino parties and dance parties, you dance without a partner, you do not need a partner. Even in couple salsa, sometimes the dancers can separate from each other for a while and dance each according to their own pleasure and feeling, to then find each other again and dance together. In this course you will not only improve your fitness, but we will also pay attention to a nice dance expression, correct posture and correct technical execution of the movement. You will learn to dance beautifully and healthily, listening to your body. It is also an excellent movement and technical preparation for couples dancing. It is definitely suitable for gentlemen as well!


It is danced in pairs, but you can also sign up to dance alone, we will find you a partner. In the course we will teach the man to lead the woman, and we will teach the woman to follow his impulses and be pretty while doing it. The man introduces the woman to the audience as pretty and the woman introduces herself that way. FOR BEGINNERS 2 means for those who have danced at least 4 hours with us or elsewhere.

Our tip!
Unpaired salsa is excellent preparation for paired salsa. We recommend both classes – in the unpaired class you will gain sovereignty in movement, and in the paired class you will only be working on working together as a couple.

Course price:
– regular price: 28,- EUR, pre-paid 24,- ( 4x 55 minutes ) / person
– Additional fee for Multisport card +2,-EUR/person/each dance lesson
– Single entry 7,- EUR /person /dance hour

Registration for the course:
( phone: +421-905-148142 )
Registration and payment until 4.10.2021.
It is NECESSARY TO REGISTER due to corona regulations!!!
Courses will be conducted in accordance with current COVID regulations.
BeijaFlor, Panorama City (entrance from the inner plaza next to Yeme)
Easy access by transport (Eurovea, Apollo bridge, Landerer street). Parking: in Eurovea up to 3 hours on weekdays or 5 hours on weekends for free, or nearby.

Place: Landererov park, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: until 25 October 2021
Start: 18:00
Admission: 7 – 24 €

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Detské ihrisko Landererov park, Staré Mesto, Slovensko


7 - 24 EUR

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