Klosterneuburg City & Monastery

01.06.2020 - 31.12.2023

Klosterneuburg. A city not far away from Vienna which is very popular for tourists and those who like history. The town located on the river Danube has been a tourist destination for many years, not only because of the historical importance it holds but also because of its close proximity to Vienna and the Vienna Woods. This city is a home of Augustinians – a Christian order of men very active in the scholarly field, among others. The biggest attraction you can see in this town located in the Tulln District of Lower Austria is the Klosterneuburg monastery and church which have been built around the year 1114.

The church and the monastery are dedicated to the Nativity of Mother Mary and in the 17th century, during the Habsburg dynasty, the whole site has been renovated in the baroque style. As a tourist, you can visit its tower, Gothic chapel and Saint Leopold´s tomb where a skull of Saint Leopold can be seen – the founder of the monastery – which date back to the middle ages. In the late 19th century a part of the monastery has been rebuilt to fit the neo-gothic style popular at that time.

The highlight of the tour of the monastery is certainly the Verdun Altar from the 12th century made by renowned metalworker Nicolas of Verdun. It is made from copper plates that have been modeled on Byzantine paragons. The crown jewels in the jewelry and 4 story tombs under the monastery together with the wine estate and orchard which are a part of the monastery are (in our opinion) interesting places to visit there as well.

What´s more, the city lies in the wine-growing area where you can visit numerous vineyards and wine taverns and spend a nice evening while listening to music and sipping wine. The most famous red vintages produced here are made from Blauburger and Zweigelt wine grapes.

There´s definitely more to see and experience than one might think. Enjoy 😀

When: all year round, till 2023
Where: Klosterneuburg, Austria
Entry: 9-15 € /person
Contact: tours@stift-klosterneuburg.at / +43 2243 411-212 / vinothek@stift-klosterneuburg.at

photo by © Stift Klosterneuburg (IG)

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