Roman Forum

13.05.2020 - 31.12.2024

The Roman Forum, also known as Forum Magnum, or simply Forum, functioned as the political center of the Roman Empire where the greatest personalities of the time met. Unlike other forums, the Roman Forum is developed slowly and gradually. Its history dates back to the 10th century BC when it served as a burial place for the settlements that lived there at that time. Over time, the forum has become the political, religious and partly also the commercial center of society.

The Roman Forum attracts the eyes of tourists mainly with its architecture which hides a flowery history shrouded in mystery in its ruins. Many of the monuments in this forum have not been preserved, but today we know that from the 6th century this place has gradually been transformed into a real Roman forum. Among the main elements of this rectangular square was the Via Sacra, a road through which holy religious processions passed. Arch of Titus, built on the praise and glory of Titus, or the most famous temples, such as the Temple of Venus and Rome, the Temple of Romulus, the founder of Rome, the Temple of Vesta or the Temple of Vespasian and Titus. Besides other things, the Roman Forum was also famous for its Tabularium, for the House of the Vestals and for the Curia, which is located on the north side of the forum.

Throughout history, however, the perfect forum has often been damaged by fires or by various battles that took place in the Roman square in the Middle Ages. Therefore, it gradually lost its glory and meaning, leaving only ruins.

Where: Foro Romano, Via della Salara Vecchia, Rome, Italy
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Foro Romano, Via della Salara Vecchia, Rím, Taliansko



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