08.09.2019 - 31.10.2019

Isn’t it annoying when you’re out jogging and almost trip over all the rubbish? Then join in with the eco-friendly running trend from Sweden – plogging – where you pick up litter along the way. By constantly stopping, bending down and standing up during your run, you not only build up your endurance but also exercise various trunk muscles while doing something good for the environment. Berlin now has a number of plogging groups, such as Moving Forward, who regularly collect litter in various parks. Plogging is not only good for the environment and the cityscape but the constant running, stopping, bending down and straightening up again is good for the back, exercising the trunk muscles much more than during normal jogging. Anyone can join in, anytime, anywhere. In addition, a number of plogging groups have already formed in Berlin.

Place: Berlin
Date: 8.9-31.10.2019
Start: 6 A.M.
Admission: free
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Berlin, Germany



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