The Incas and Their Treasure

01.01.2021 - 30.09.2021

The Incas, Peru, pre-Columbian America – most of us know all this only from primary and secondary school history books. And it’s about time that changed, if only because of how advanced the Incas were as a nation – come and see an exhibition that, through gold, which for the Incas was the essence of the gods, vividly retells the entire history of the settlement of this corner of the world. And it won’t just be a lecture – you’ll be drawn right into the action, since each visitor will be given a card with the story of a real or mythical figure from the history of the American continent upon entry. It is also worth mentioning that this golden treasure has left the borders of the South American continent for the first time to be exhibited in Europe and to present the long history of Peru, so this is a unique opportunity.

Place: Slovak National Museum, Bratislava
Date: January 01 – September 30 2021
Time: until 17:30
Admission: 13.00€
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photo by SNM


Slovenské Národné Múzeum, Vajanského nábrežie, Old Town, Slovakia


13.00 EUR

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