Swimming pools, beaches and lakes in Stockholm



As summer season starts and temperatures rise, most of us look for a nice place to swim and relax. Since Stockholm has many lakes and beaches, and of course, swimming pools, we have prepared special list of the all time favourites beaches, lakes and swimming pools in Stockholm. ?

1. Eriksdalsbadet´s Outdoor Pools
2. Ängbybadet Swimming Area
3. Björnö Nature Reserve
4. Brunnsviken beach
5. Flaten beach
6. Mälarhöjdsbadet area
7. Tantolunden park
8. Långholmen park
9. Ekhagens (Lappis beach)
10. Farsta beach resort
11. Kanaan beach


1. Eriksdalsbadet´s Outdoor Pools ?

Welcome to the biggest outdoor pools in Stockholm! Eriksdalsbadet is definitely THE most famous place for swimming. Since it also provides indoor pools as well, it´s a home to the biggest swimming facilities in Stockholm. Oh, there´s also lots of fun activities to do since the area provides playgrounds, BBQ area and sauna. ?




2. Ängbybadet Swimming Area ?

Another one of greatly reviewed areas for swimming. With 2 beautiful sandy beaches and greenery around, you can see why it´s popular. The area also provides delicious snacks and offers volleyball court, playground and waterslide. And if you fall in love with the zone, you can also camp there. ?️




3. Björnö Nature Reserve ?️

Who would have thought that near such a giant city as Stockholm, one would find a nature reserve? Well, just 15 minutes south of Stockholm you can find one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Sweden. Is it ideal for swimming? Of course! The reserve provides both a great swimming zones but also education. With BBQ zone, lookout tower and kayak rental, you definitely won´t be bored here. ?




4. Brunnsviken beach ?️

Brunnsviken beach is another popular spot. Why? Because it´s ideal for families with children. It´s specialised in being very child-friendly so your kids will definitely be safe and have fun splashing water all around. Pst – the entry is free and unlimited. ?




5. Flaten beach ⛱️

Flaten beach also deserves a spot on this list. With free and unlimited entry, it offers one of the cleanest water for swimming in Stockholm. It also offers activities like mini golf course, boules courts, beach volleyball court and climbing frame. It´s great for relaxation but also for sport. ?




6. Mälarhöjdsbadet area ?

If you´re a sporting type, you should know of this place for sure. The area near lake Mälaren offers an exercise trail, outdoor gym, but also playground for kids and BBQ zone. It´s very easy to get to and of course, entry is free and unlimited. And a nice dip in the clean water is a great way to relax after exercising. ?




7. Tantolunden park ⛲

Tantolunden is one of the biggest parks in Stockholm. Due to it´s beauty it attracts people during all seasons. For summer the park is known as a good place to take a dip in refreshing water. It offers lots of activities, weather you like relaxing in the shade of trees, you want to take your dog for a walk, swim or exercise in outdoor gym. Tantolunden park is definitely a good place to spend your time at. ✨




8. Långholmen park ?

Another great tip for swimming. This island is an ideal place for all to relax with it´s idyllic nature. It´s a very popular spot for picnics, swimming and fans of history since the island is a home to multiple historical buildings that are registered by Swedish National Heritage Board but now serve as accomodation facilities. ?️




9. Ekhagens (Lappis beach) ?

Ekhagens or most commonly known as “Lappis beach” is also a great spot for swimming. It offers beautiful sandy beach and near it is a park with lots of greenery. This makes it a nice, quiet place for bathing and relaxation. As a municipal bathing place, it´s free and provides unlimited entry. ?




10. Farsta beach resort ?️

Farsta beach resort is, like Brunnsviken, an ideal place to take your children to. It´s easily accessible and provides visitors with outdoor gym, beautiful scenery and kiosk. And for fans of sport, there are boules and volleyball courts. Ideal spot to spend your time with children at. ?





11. Kanaan beach ?

Last but not least, special bonus place – Kannan beach. The place is well known for it´s clean water, café and diving tower with playgrounds for kids to enjoy. And if you fancy some BBQ, there´s an option for it here as well. As a municipal bathing place it´s, again, free to enter and for unlimited time. ?



So what do you think?  ?

Photo: @sahand.photography


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