Rebel Moms Protest

Rebel Moms Protest

  • 19.11.2022
  • Events, What to do in Stockholm

The Rebel Moms are back for another protest with the aim to express their feelings with current situation. If you are one of those, who do not want to stand aside, your voice matters. And because of that, come and join this group for their protest for the greater good.

On 19/11-22, it is once again time for the Rebel Mothers to revolt nationally. This will take place in parallel in several cities in Sweden.
In Stockholm:
– 10 am. Action briefing.
Everyone who wants to and has time is welcome already at 9:15. We will offer refreshments and have some time to land and greet each other. A very short briefing on XR’s principles, requirements and the most basic of XR action will be given. Highly recommended if you are new.
– 10:50am. We walk together from the meeting point (to be announced later) to Sergels torg.
– About 11 to about 12. Manifestation takes place.
This is a peaceful demonstration in the spirit of the Rebel Mothers. This time the demonstration is also authorized. There is therefore no risk of legal consequences for participation. The demonstration is suitable for those who are new to the movement, as well as those who are experienced. The more we become, the stronger the demonstration we can make. You are important!

//About the Rebel Mothers
Rebel Moms brings together moms (anyone who identifies as a mom) and allies who want to get involved in climate action. We are united in our desire to show that there is an adult world that will not give up the fight for a sustainable society, now and for generations to come.
The Rebel Moms are part of the Extinction Rebellion (XR), an international climate movement that uses a variety of methods including demonstrations, opinion pieces, art and civil disobedience to raise awareness and demand change and systemic change.
We are driven by love and care in everything we do. Our politicians are unable to act forcefully on the crisis we are in. We translate our anger and despair about it into concrete action.
We act to raise crisis awareness in society and to create pressure for political action in line with climate science.
We are aware that already marginalised and vulnerable groups are particularly hard hit by the effects of climate change. We act in solidarity with the people who are already losing their homes, livelihoods and sometimes their lives due to the inability of our leaders to respond to the climate crisis.
We want to show that every individual can make a difference by joining with others and taking collective action.
We want to be able to look our and everyone’s children in the eye and say we are doing all we can.

You will be asked to make a sign. More information to come. Opportunity will be available to make sign during the gathering.
Share the event and personally invite people you know to attend. For many people, the only reason they don’t attend climate events is because they didn’t receive an invitation or don’t know anyone else who is attending.
You will be asked to practice a couple/three simple songs. Among other things:
“Mothers gonna rise like the water
We’re gonna face this crisis now
I hear the voice of my sons and daughters
Singing climate justice now”
“We are gathered here
We want to leave a living world
A future for the children, a future for the children”

//Extinction Rebellion’s demands
The government must declare a climate emergency and communicate the changes we face.
The government must act immediately and reduce Sweden’s climate emissions to net zero by 2025.
The government must establish and be guided by a citizens’ council.

Place: Sergels torg, Stockholm
Price: Free
Date: 19. 11. 2022
Time: 10:00

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