Theatres in Rome


Pinocchio Al San Carlino, Il Teatro dei Bambini a Roma, Viale dei Bambini, Rím, Taliansko

07.05.2022 - 29.05.2022

We have a tip for a programme for your little ones too. Every weekend, from May 7 to 29, you can come to Teatro San Carlino to see Pinocchio...


Padam Padam Teatro Lo Spazio, Via Locri, Rím, Taliansko

15.04.2022 - 02.06.2022

We have an invitation to the theatre for you! Concert show "Padam Padam", inspired by Edith Piaf. "Padam" is the name by which Parisians used to call their city...


Stand-up COMEDY CAFÉ Via Ostiense, Rím, Taliansko

04.02.2022 - 24.06.2022

Wondering what to do in Rome on Fridays? Comedy Caffé is a special event at the historic Caffe Letterario in Rome, Via Ostiense, 95. Come and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of our venue...

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