Online events in Prague

Online events in Prague. Here is a list of online events in Prague, so check them out and have fun! Festivals, sport, yoga, workshops.

Are you preparing online events? Add them free to our database and we will let people know about it. Here is a list of a few of them, so check them out!


1. Online Power Yoga Prague

Do you love yoga, but due to the current situation you can't practice in the studio? Don't be sad, we will allow you to train it from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is have a computer, internet connection and book an hour. We will meet online.

2. Neon Duo Prague

The Trafo Gallery brings you a great exhibition of neon lights by two well-known painters Michal Cimala and Michal Škapa with its premiere exhibition of works. From the comfort of your home, you will be able to enjoy the captivating glow of neon lights, complemented by an interview between the gallery's curator and both authors.

3. Arabfest 2020

This year you can look forward to the Festival of Arab Culture, which, due to the current situation, will be held mainly online. The theme of the 11th year of the festival will be marked by stars. In addition, you can wait various lectures from the world of astronomy, or a virtual tour of places such as Oman and Jordan. Join in and learn more about Arabic culture.

4. Livestream Concert with Lubomyr Melnyk

Well-known Ukrainian composer and pianist Lubomyr Melnyk invites you to his concert which, however, will take place online. In addition to his most famous songs, you will also be able to hear his new hits. Enjoy the concert from the comfort of your living room!


5. Exhibition One Painting is One Painting

The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague is full of young talents. And it was those from the Painting Studio that decided to organize an online exhibition of the irpaintings during this period when the situation does not otherwise allow. Among the exhibiting artists, David Čumalo, Eliška Dvořáková, František Felix, Ondřej Klavík, Hana Kuklíková, Matěj Liška and many others will introduce themselves to you. There is definitely something to look forward to!

6. Macarons Baking Class

These traditional French delicacies are increasingly widespread throughout the world. They are sweet, very cute, tasty and very difficult to resist. Today they are considered Parisianicons. Now, however, you can try baking them at home, together with experts for these delicacies. During this online bakingclass, you will learn something about their origin, how to prepare them properly and with what you can fill them.

7. Improvisation movement technique

It is a technique that can completely relieve the body of stress. The goal is to relax all the muscles and break down the blocks. This course is primarily intended for professional dancers and choreographers. But even those who do not even dance at all, do not have to be sad. If you also feel various pains, whether your back or neck, you can be part of this online course. Under the guidance of an expert, a choreographer, you will definitely be relieved and you will be surprised what your body can do.


8. We’re going to the mountains!

Do you love nature and dream of an unforgettable hike in the mountains? Still haven't gained enough courage? This online event will teach you everything you need to know to roll in the mountains. What do you pack? How to plan a tour? What do you need to prepare for? An experienced man, whose mountains are second home, will prepare you for all this and much more.

9. Meditation Course Online

We currently live in a period full of stress, rush and nerves. What can you really relax and indulge? This worldwide online event will teach you how to meditate properly, how to find inner peace and balance.


10. Travel with Marcopolo 2020 Online

Do you love traveling but now you have to sit at home? So how about trying to travel online? Marcopolo 2020 brings you great seminars, video conferences on various topics, and much more, thanks to which you will get to know other beautiful countries and irresistible cultures!



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