Unusual things to do in Paris



Everyone knows the most famous monuments in Paris, but the beautiful French capital is not just the Eiffel Tower or the Arc of Triumph. Paris also hides some wonderful places that are worth a visit. We have made you a little list of places not to be missed during your visit.


  1. The Barbes market
  2. Saint-Eustache church
  3. Cats Coffee
  4. The flower and bird market
  5. Belleville Park


1. The Barbes market

Markets have always been part of the French people’s lives. There is no better way to get to the heart of their lives than to take a look around. In Paris, the most mythical is the Barbès market. Established under the aerial metro, it is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.


2. Saint-Eustache Church

France has for a long time been a Catholic country and the churches that surround it are proof of this. In Paris, one of the most beautiful is at the impasse Saint-Eustache. It bears the same name and was built in 1213, mixing Gothic and Renaissance style, it is worth a visit!



3. Cats Coffee

Do you want to take a break after a walk? Why not enjoy a good hot chocolate in the middle of the cats. The Café des Chats, rue Michel Le Comte, is a Japanese concept that has seduced the French public. No wonder when you see all those fur balls purring!



4. The Flower and Bird Market

The flower and bird market, Place Louis-Lépine, is made up of about twenty iron shelters. It offers a magical stroll among flowers and plants all week long from 8 am to 7.30 pm. It is an incredibly colourful and fragrant experience in the centre of old Paris.



5. Belleville Park

The green spaces in the middle of the city are a breath of fresh air. Belleville Park is located on the hill of the same name, has a perfect view over the whole city. Built in 1980, it has one of the most beautiful and large waterfall fountains. It would be a pity not to visit such a beautiful place.




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