Best places to visit in Malta

Best places to visit in Malta

  • 09.05.2023
  • Malta

Why do we think Malta is an amazing place? Sea, nice architecture, cozy restaurants, nice people. English is the official language in addition to Maltese, so it is not a problem to talk to the locals, who will gladly direct you to the magical places, that only they will know.

If you have not visited Malta yet, we will give you our Top 10 places to see:

1. Dingli Cliffs
2. Mdina – “Quiet City”
3. Fontanella Tea Garden
4. Porte des Bombes
5. Valletta
6. Tritón fountain
7. Upper Barrakka
8. Blue Grotto
9. Pieta
10. St. Julian´s


The best time to visit Malta are April, May and June. The weather is not extremely hot, but you can still go swimming.


We visited only the main island of Malta. We decided to stay in the small-town Pieta, near Valletta. Pieta is located close to the sea and there is a good bus connection to the rest of the island. But we figured out very quickly that traveling in Malta by bus is an adventure itself. Some of the streets are very narrow and the bus drivers really enjoying the speed.

Every time when the bus is rushing right into a building, you wonder, if there is a magical wall like the platform 9 ¾. Well, no, there isn´t. Despite all, their bus drivers are skilled, and taking the bus is a good idea. Except for giving you the breathtaking experience, the drivers are also ready to advise you and show you the direction, or they will tell you something interesting about the country. They make you feel welcome here.


Waiters are the same, they will serve you like you´d be king or a queen. For example, once when I left my bag on the floor in the café, the waiter took it from me. At first, I didn’t understand what was going on and I wanted to run after him. But he just cleaned my bag and hung it on the back of my chair. Thanks to the kindness and care of these people, Malta is certainly one of the most amazing places to visit.


If you like to go to the countryside, the Dingli Cliffs should not be missed out. Walking along these cliffs provides wonderful and varied views.

If you haven’t tasted the Maltese ice cream yet, I recommend you do it right here. It tastes like frozen cotton candy. You can also walk around the cliffs on a horse-drawn carriage. Here we also met a nice married couple, who advised us to visit Mdina, otherwise called “the Quiet City”. They told us about a café right on the walls of this town. From there is a great view on the whole island. We followed their recommendation and we certainly weren’t disappointed.


Mdina is a fortified town that was the capital of Malta until the Middle Ages. The streets are very narrow, therefore there is no sound. As soon as you walk behind the walls, you can forget about the noise of cars and tweeting birds, that have such strong throats, that you can’t hear your own word. Mdina is like the little labyrinth, so when we finally arrived at the Fontanella Tea Garden, we decided to get something small to eat along with a coffee. Make sure to taste their amazing ginger cake.


If you are more interested in sightseeing, you should definitely visit the capital city Valletta. I recommend you to stop at Bombi 3 and see the Porte des Bombes, which is the gate in the middle of the road. It was the part of the Floriana fortification, which was intended to support the defensive structures of Valletta. We can find some more remains of them in the park near the gate. They built this fortification to protect the Maltese knights from a possible Ottoman invasion.

Valletta is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be enchanted by its long, narrow streets, that are rapidly sloping down. Right on these streets, you can enjoy a coffee or other snacks. My heart was captivated by La Cantina restaurant, where you offer great Maltese wine and nice and careful service.

If you are not attracted by the view of the historic buildings, or the tasting the Maltese cuisine, I recommend the view from the gardens of Upper Barrakka. It is a wonderful place with lots of flowers and a charming view of the Tritón fountain. However, you shouldn´t leave before dusk.

You should definitely stay for the night tour through the city. At the night, the narrow streets become charmingly cozy places and you just need to take a breath of the unique atmosphere that flows here. Thanks to Valletta’s night tour, I decided to rank Malta as one of the most amazing places in the world.


I would also like to recommend for the nature enthusiasts the place of Blue Grotto. The place where you can take a boat tour around the adjacent caves. It’s really a remarkable place. There’s the bluest sea you ever have seen, even if it´s sometimes rough.

It´s really worth to wake up early to see the sunrise. But if you´re not exactly a morning bird, you can also watch the sunrise from the Grotta Café bar. They open early in the morning and make excellent coffee and breakfast. But you better not order a tea there. Malta has a problem with drinking water and the tea on this island isn´t very good.

And of course, we cannot forget about the city which we were staying in, Pieta. It lies on the bay near the sea. We were staying in a flat through Airbnb at Clarence street and just below us was the Track Snack bar, where they welcomed all the visitors. I also got to know the man here, who showed me a bar with a really magical atmosphere: The Rabbit hole. If you are a fan of the nightlife and entertainment, you will surely enjoy all this in the town called St. Julian’s.

Malta´s bars and shops are known for the fact that almost all of them are remade garages. Buildings are mostly low with lots of colourful balconies. Each house has a different door colour, so the cities look very cheerful and friendly.

Breath-taking views, interesting history and kind and caring people, that is why I think Malta is an amazing place. It is definitely worth it to come and see.


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