Virtual tour of Krakow


Virtual tour of Krakow. Visiting Krakow? Find the top 10 virtual tours of Krakow, so you can plan your next visit to our beautiful city.


1. The national museum in Krakow

There are many places to explore in the National Museum. You have an opportunity to choose your own path and go to all expositions that interest you.



The museum of contemporary art in Krakow brings virtual tours of his 11 exhibitions. They include exhibitions such as Sport in art, Economics in art, Crime in art and much more. What are you waiting for? Just look at it and find out more.


3. Wawel royal castle

One of the most famous places to see in Krakow. Beautiful castle, full of interesting rooms. You can feel like you are walking on these old beautiful sights.


4. Cyberteka. Krakow – time and space

An exhibition that shows the spatial and urban development of Krakow through times. The tour is placed in Krzysztofory Palace which alone is worth seeing. You will be able to see many exhibitions in 6 rooms.


5. Wieliczka mine

Famous Polish salt mine offers a virtual tour in her underground paradise. Have you ever wanted to see great halls and corridors which were made for mining salt? Now you have a chance.


6. The Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow

Theatre buildings are always very beautiful. Come and visit this beautiful building where you can feel the time stopping. You can feel like one of the actors or you can sit in lodge-like a true king. What can be better?


7. Polish aviation museum in Krakow

If you love planes and aircraft do not miss a virtual tour in the Aviation Museum. More than 200 aircrafts are offered to be seen. You can also walk around hangars or feel like sitting right inside of some of them.


8. Church of St. Anne in Kraków

Roman Catholic church, one of the UNESCO-protected historic centre of Kraków. This church is beautiful from the outside and from the inside too. When you see it from the inside you will instantly feel the sacred smell. You can choose to see a virtual tour, photos or video of it.


9. Małopolska’s Virtual Museums

Exhibits from 41 Museums in Małopolska in one website. You can see many objects as well as listen to some audios about them. To every object, you can find more info as well as you can find some information about the museum. You will be able to choose objects from many museums, compare them or find more information about what were you interested in before.


10. Online panoramas of objects from around the world

On this page, you will be able to find many objects, buildings but also nature panoramas from around the world. From Krakow, you can find The Royal Sigismund Bell, the largest of the five bells in Wawel Cathedral or the Old Jewish cemetery in Krakow.
Enjoy Krakow virtual tours!

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