Fritz Kalkbrenner

Fritz Kalkbrenner

  • 06.03.2020
  • Milano
  • 20

Friday March 6 | ??th ?nniversary
Magazzini Generali | Club Nation


Doors: H.21
Show: H. 22

Born in East Berlin in 1981, Fritz Kalkbrenner was strongly impressed by the mid-90s Berlin Techno scene, followed by his older brother Paul, who had just taken his first steps in that new world that was electronic music. After working with various film and television agencies, Fritz presented himself behind a microphone in 2003 to contribute to the “Forms & Shapes” voice of his friend Sascha Funke. Since the release of that 12-inch vinyl (with a great remix by Paul Kalkbrenner) the artistic career of Fritz Kalkbrenner was taking shape. His subsequent success happened by chance when his brother Paul was composing the soundtrack for an underground film project called “Berlin Calling” which later became a milestone for Techno music. Paul Kalkbrenner discovered on some old DAT tapes, a demo voice of Fritz that ended up on his computer, within a few days in 2008 took shape “Sky & Sand” which became the world anthem that everyone knows. After this experience, Fritz started producing his own music. Today we present in Italian exclusive the date of the TRUE COLORS Tour 2020.