Gulliver’s travels

20.02.2021 - 23.02.2021

In a world where newspapers, philosophers and thinkers report the end of a certain order and announce a new one with an as yet unknown shape, the metaphor of a gargantuan and liliputian man takes on special meaning. Are we mighty governing nature and subduing the earth, or are we ants living in the shadow of impending doom? Perhaps the end is inevitable and only its shape remains a mystery. Will the sun go out or will we be carried away by the wind so strong and strong that nobody and nothing will stay vertical? Or maybe the doctrine of Guaranteed Mutual Destruction will lose its sinister power and someone furious and angry will finally press the forbidden button? In a world where a few bombs are enough to destroy an entire planet, it’s hard to get the right perspective. The question of whether I am a giant or a pollen remains open. Only the extent of our fear proves to be undisputed: it is great and continues to grow.
Are we able to imagine a different, better world, since each such attempt of the imagination more or less resembles what we already know well? Gulliver’s journey to the country of the Houyhnhnms after the experiences of the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century is not optimistic. So how to build a better world when we have such difficulty imagining it? It seems no one can predict what tomorrow will be. The failure of the Swift alternative is repeated in every contemporary idea to change the world. Imperceptibly, the most common gesture is shrugging, and the most universal feeling is fear. In the future, the most important question may not be whether we will create a new order that will put an end to the catastrophes and failure that haunt us, but whether we can even imagine such an order at all.

The show is recommended for viewers over 15 years of age.

Place: Narodowy Stary Teatr Starowiślna 21, Kraków, Poľsko
Date: February 20-23 2021
Start: 6 PM – 9 PM
Admission: 9-16€
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Starowiślna 21, Krakov, Poľsko


9-16 EUR

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