Silné reči Stand up


Let´s face the music – our situation is less than…. pandemically pleasant. Rather sticky. And uncomfortable as a cherry on top. But we have to take thinks with humor to push through and for our mood to stay relatively intact and for that, stand up comedy show is just perfect to attend – join Silné reči stand up, alone or with family, in your best attire or in sweatpants (for once, a mask is not necessity, since the event is held online). Your entertainers of the event are Jan Gordulič (best known for political show Ťažký týždeň), Dano Čistý, Matej Makovický and Jakub Zitron Ťapák. Let´s have some well deserved fun!

Place: online
Date: January 29, 2021
Time: 20:00
Admission: 5.99€
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Bratislava, Slovakia


5.99 EUR

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