Things to do in Krakow in January ONLINE

11.01.2021 - 31.01.2021

January 2021 brings new hope to our lives. And together with hope, it brings many online events you can join from the comfort of your own house. Here are some of them. 🥰😍

1. Polish movie with Eng sub
2. BlaBla Language Exchange ONLINE
3. Online Pierogi Class
4. Ragga Bombs Livestream
5. Leonardo da Vinci
6. The MARK WORLD Show
7. Career and human strategies
8. International Ballet and Contemporary Dance
9. Beksiński’s paintings tour
10. Blackpink The Show online

1. Polish movie with Eng sub 📽
Who is one of the most famous Polish directors? Krzysztof Kieślowski. And this time you will be able to see and talk about his movie trilogy Three colours: White. We suggest you watch the movie ahead. On a stream, you will be able to discuss it.
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2. BlaBla Language Exchange ONLINE 🗯
Find some new friends and get better at the language you want to learn. Online language meeting for everyone who likes to learn and speak foreign languages.
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3. Online Pierogi Class 🥟
Would you like to cook delicious Polish traditional meal Pierogi? Then, this is definitely the event for you. In two hours you will learn how to make pierogi and you will learn some fun facts about Poland.
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4. Ragga Bombs Livestream 🎼
Join an amazing party of Slovak and USA DJs. Party right at your home with all great hits. Enjoy some great music on the 7th edition of Ragga Bombs Livestream.
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5. Leonardo da Vinci 🧠
Leonardo da Vinci, the Genius – Virtual Guided Tour. What is the secret behind one of the greatest geniuses who ever walk on Earth? You will find out, if you join the virtual tour dedicated to him and his greatest ideas.
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6. The MARK WORLD Show 🎸
Enjoy great bass music. You can see the launch of exciting new products for 2021. Markbass’ 20th anniversary will be celebrated with amazing live streams.
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7. Career and human strategies 💬
Arianna Rinaldo will talk about strategies on how to boost your career. Photo editor, teacher and curator will share her experiences and give you some online advice and stories about her career.
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8. International Ballet and Contemporary Dance 🩰
If you are interested in ballet, professionally but also as a fan or you want just to look at a beautiful performance, you should definitely join this online event. You will be able to participate in some workshops but also see performances of competitors and meet new stars of this art form.
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9. Beksiński’s paintings tour 🖼
Famous Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński. Do you know his name? If yes you should visit an online tour of his paintings with a special guide who will tell you more about him and his paintings.
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10. Blackpink The Show online 🎤
Famous K-pop band Blackpink brings their first stream. If you love their music and choreographies do not hesitate and join it via youtube. This is a unique opportunity to hear Blackpink The Show online.
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Have an amazing start to a new year ❤🥳

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