Top things to do in ROME this January

01.01.2021 - 31.01.2021

Find out what is going on in ROME in January? We bring you a selection of the best events and things to do in Rome. 😍

🏦 Virtual tour of the Colosseum 🏦
Who doesn’t know the majestic Roman Colosseum? Many tourists visit it every day. Nowadays, when travel is limited, we offer you a virtual tour, and you can also see this symbol of Rome from the comfort of your home. Through the Zoom platform, you can virtually meet other participants and together admire the beautiful Colosseum.
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🌲 Florence and Tuscany ONLINE 🌲
Do you love to travel? So how about a short trip to Italy? Discover the beautiful jewel of this irresistible landscape, Florence and the perfect Tuscany. Get to know a city rich in perfect architecture and art, and at the same time let yourself be carried away by the region full of the most beautiful colors and scents of the vineyard, but also by much more. Do you already smell that wonderful scent and atmosphere?
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🎥 The great directors in Rome – Slowtalk cycle 🎥
Every Thursday at 18:00 you have the opportunity to meet online with one of the most famous Italian directors such as Roberto Rossellini, Vittorio De Sica, Pietro Germi, Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Nanni Moretti. The artists will talk about their lives, their work but also answer questions from the participants. Don’t hesitate and sign up! Every Thursday on the Zoom!
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🎹 Nicola Piovani “Streaming is dangerous” 🎹
Italian pianist and composer Nicola Piovani is coming up with the successful music project Streaming is Dangerous, which he will present at the Auditorium Parco della Musica on January 5 and 6. In his performances, he mentions several figures from Greek mythology. You can watch the show online on Facebook or on Youtube.
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⌛️ Pompeii: life before the eruption ⌛️
Pompeii, a city that was destroyed by the terrible eruption of Mount Vesuvius. However, its inhabitants did not even know until the last moment what awaited them. In our online meeting, we will talk more about the last days of the people of Pompeii before the catastrophe and show what a city full of life looked like.
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⛪️ Mithraic Egyptian Cults and Pantheon ONLINE ⛪️
Egypt, as the cradle of esotericism, hides many references and symbols. However, these elements are hidden from people and require deeper knowledge. One of the most famous symbols of esotericism is Pantheon. It hides a lot of links and an incredible sequence of numbers. However, thanks to this course, you will learn to decipher individual symbols and various monuments and works of art will take on a completely different meaning.
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🌺 Russian course ONLINE 🌺
Learning a new language never hurts! It is said that as many languages as you speak, so many times you are human. What do you say to that if you learn Russian? Melodic, rhythmic, and dominant language, thanks to which you will be able to communicate in many European countries. And as a bonus, the basics of the Russian language are not complicated at all and you will see that learning this irresistible language is really fun!
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🌙 ONLINE Astronomy Course 🌙
Are you interested in astronomy? So don’t hesitate and take a great opportunity to learn as much as possible. Learn about the magic of the universe, its secrets and mysteries. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of stars, comets, planets and various phenomena that will show you that man is really only a small part, even if a perfect and inevitable part for the functioning of this cosmic performance. This event will leave you breathless!
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😇 The Quirinal Palace ONLINE 😇
The Quirinal Palace is the largest palace in Rome and the official residence of the President. It has about 1200 rooms, beautiful huge gardens and enjoys its specific location. During the virtual tour you will not only be able to visit the interior of the palace, but you will also learn something from history and various attractions.
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⭐️ The Stars ⭐️
If you have a small cadet at home who is interested in the universe and the stars, this event is made for him. The universe is still full of surprises. There are also many stars of different colors and sizes. During this lecture, your little ones will learn something about the life of the star and will have the opportunity to ask their curious questions.
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