Mithraic Egyptian Cults and Pantheon ONLINE


Online Course – Mithraic Egyptian Cults and Pantheon. Egypt has been known as the cradle of esotericism for many centuries. One of the many symbols of esotericism is the Pantheon. Although this monument is well known, it is also greatly underestimated. This is where you can find an incredible sequence of numbers and various messages that are hidden from most people.
But what exactly is esoterics? It is a set of elements that are hidden from most people. Those elements, symbols require a deeper knowledge and are not intended for the masses.
This online clock gives you an overview of the symbols used by various artists from ancient times to the present. At the same time, however, the various works of art will take on a new, different meaning, and you will better understand what message people wanted to convey.

Place: everywhere, ONLINE
Date: Sunday, January 17, 2021
Start: 8:00pm
Contact: +39 389 571 1466

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