Slovak Politics and Gender Equality


Unfortunately, gender equality is still an issue which needs a lot of work from both genders and and also some delicate discussion. This time, speakers will introduce a new book focused on this topic (“Political Participation of Women in Slovakia” – Politická participácia žien na Slovensku) and then they will discuss the most important (and common) issues regarding the equality – what is a position of woman in this society? What obstacles she faces when she wants to enter politics? And what we can do to make things more bearable for her?

Then Vladimíra Marcinková, deputy of political party For people (Za ľudí) will share her own experience with the issue.

Place: Partizánska 2, Bratislava (.týždeň)
Date: November 26 2020
Time: 17:00
Admission: free
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Partizánska 2, Bratislava, Slovakia



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