Aligning Risk with Business Strategy MasterClass

08.02.2021 - 09.02.2021

The ultimate aim of all businesses is to achieve their overall Strategic Goals. However, it is widely accepted that around 70% of organisations fail to achieve their Goals – in other words, they fail to implement their chosen strategy successfully. There are many underlying reasons: but one (often ignored) factor is the effective alignment and balance between strategic ambition and the associated risks inherent in the strategy. During a period of rapid change and disruption, Risk becomes an even more important factor for business management. Most organisations overweight ambition and underweight risk in their forward planning, and the inevitable outcome is non-achievement of the organisation’s strategic goals. This 2-day course highlights the subject and recommends tools and techniques that can be used to help manage a better balance between the conflicting factors of ambition v risk.


Online Event

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Budapest, Global Leading Conferences Kft., Váci Road, Hungary


0-100 EUR

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