Climate Risk Financing MasterClass

02.02.2021 - 05.02.2021

Climate change is increasingly on the agenda as a material risk, not just for the long-term but as a current issue. Global climate science continues to highlight observable changes in the climate, with increasing evidence of physical effects and accelerating impacts of the effort to transition to a low carbon economy.

Financial regulators are increasing regulatory requirements for transparency and disclosure of climate-related risks, particularly the ECB with the Guide to Climate-Related and Environmental Risks. Investors are increasingly demanding transparency of climate related risks,through the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The financial sector itself is also building momentum through collaborations like the Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS). Financial institutions therefore must develop an understanding of what climate change means to them, which actions they can take, and how they can report on their activities.

Participants will gain an understanding of what climate risk is, how its material to financial institutions, approaches to evaluating climate risk exposure, regulatory responses and requirements, how to close the data gap, and strategies for managing climate risk. The course will be highly interactive with the use of case studies and breakout groups for deeper discussion and learning.

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Budapest, Global Leading Conferences Kft., Váci Road, Hungary


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