Canada Adventure – Living in the Wilderness


Which real outdoor fan doesn’t dream of a life in the wilderness of Canada? Sabrina and Markus Blum made exactly this dream come true. Inspired by the world bestseller “Das Schneekind” by the adventurer Nicolas Vanier, the Swiss family goes on a long journey and follows in the footsteps of the “Snow Child” back home.
Together with their 18-month-old daughter and five freshly bought horses, they ride through the magnificent mountains without meeting a single person. During their search for the log cabin on Lake Thukada, the young family has countless adventures and lives through all the seasons of Canada. On the way in the Cassier Mountains in western Canada and during their life in the log cabin of the “snow child”, they depend on nourishing themselves from nature and relying on their senses. They live “connected to the earth and its inhabitants.”

An authentic and heartwarming adventure of a young dropout family who doesn’t want to swap their lives in nature for any luxury in the world.

Date: Sunday, November 22, from 5 PM to 8 PM
Place: your apartment, online
Entry: free
Contact & Livestream: More info

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Vienna, Rakúsko



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