Mysterious Montessori method


Whoever raises a child will sooner or later get to know the name Montessori. Have you heard of it too, but don’t know exactly what it is? Are you familiar with this method but still have questions? Do you want to raise your child lovingly, yet consciously and consistently? Wondering what toys would be worth choosing for your child and getting to know the Montessori aspects as well? Do you have a child aged 0-6?
Then this event is for you!
Bring your educational problems!
Ask your questions or listen to other Mothers!
At this event:
– you can get acquainted with the principles of the Montessori method
– you can find out which elements you can apply lifelike, at home
– we show what educational methods are based on similar principles
– we show Montessori’s approach through practical examples
– we provide guidelines to help you distinguish which games fit the Montessori method
– learn about Montessori’s perspectives and observations to help you choose what games are right for your child
– Get tips and considerations for home-made games
– find out how to recognize which games fit Montessori’s approach and which are untrue
– you can ask your questions
Lector will introduce the basics of Montessori’s method — practical, lifelike for you to apply at home.

Place: everywhere ONLINE
Date: October, Sunday 25, 2020
Start : 03:30 PM-04:30 PM
Price: 9 €

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Budapest, Magyarország



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