Top things to do in BUDAPEST this weekend

16.10.2020 - 18.10.2020

Discover the best things to do this weekend in BUDAPEST. The weekend is almost here and we have prepared a list of top things you can do this weekend in Budapest.

Do you like non-traditional experiences? Come and experience an exceptional evening in the form of a wine tasting. You will support Hungarian winemakers by tasting and buying wine. This festival has been held for 10 years. A tasting of quality wine and food awaits you. In addition to wine tasting, there will be various workshops where you can learn interesting information about wines.
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🍁Champagne breakfast in the Paris Courtyard
Explore the specialties of the region with a fantastic breakfast. The main star will be Laurent-Perrier and their stunning drinks. A glass of refreshing champagne will make your day pleasant. For breakfast, you can choose delicious dishes such as caviar, croissant, Caesar salad with chicken, macaron, waffles …
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🍁Board games afternoon
You want to diversify your afternoon with relaxation and fun. Come play board games. You can make meaningful use of your free time with your loved ones. There will be a modern board games-card, strategic logic, you can also bring your favorite board game.
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🍁Adoption Day
There will be an adoption day on Sunday, you can meet people who have saved the lives of cats. If you are a cat lover and you are responsible and would like to buy a cat, then you can adopt it. All the cats are waiting for someone to provide them with a loving family. If you already have a cat at home, you can buy her a delicacy or a toy and by purchasing you will support the care of cats that live in a shelter.
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🍁Vintage Market
The market is characterized by its Vintage atmosphere. You will find the goods here in boxes or unloaded on a blanket, you will not find such a unique atmosphere in another market. You will find these clothes for a few forints, books, toys, household items, bicycles …
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🍁Czako Market
Come and buy food at the farmers market. Taste quality, fresh and homemade products. Manufacturers will offer goat cheese, salads, vegetables, jams, fresh eggs, chicken … You can buy fresh products that will provide you with many vitamins and are not sprayed with chemicals.
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🍁Dogtober-Dog-friendly autumn market
This weekend will take place a festival for all dog lovers and their four-legged pets. The whole day will be full of fun, especially about dogs. They will have competitions ready that will be full of fun, but they will learn something new as well. You can try an obstacle course with your dog or take part in a dog show. Come have fun with your four-legged friend.
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🍁Riesling Tasting
At this event, you will have the opportunity to get to know the different tastes of Riesling and walnut. It is one of the most widespread vine varieties in Hungary. In addition to Riesling, there will be other types of wine. 80 wineries will offer approximately 150 types of wine. Don’t miss the Risling tastings.
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🍁Garderobe Market
Garderobe market is here again for you! If you like shopping or want to add a new autumn collection to your wardrobe, don’t forget to visit the Garderobe market. You will find clothes at reasonable prices. You will definitely leave not empty-handed.
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🍁Mineral Island Exhibition
If you are a lover of minerals, come and see the exhibition of minerals. Definitely, you can buy here a mineral that you are missing in your collection. There will be 50 exhibitors offering raw/polished minerals, jewelry, precious stones, fossils, and meteorites. You will learn interesting facts about minerals.
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Have a nice weekend 😊

📷 Kardos Ildikó


Budapest, Hungary



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