We’re going to the mountains!


Do you love nature and mountains but haven’t yet had the courage to go on a proper hike? Are you attracted to free wandering with a backpack, mountain views, and nights in nature, but have you not yet dared to set off? Not sure what to pack for such a trek so that the backpack does not nail you to the ground, but at the same time so that you are not hungry and do not freeze somewhere? Right now there is a course ready for you, where you will learn all this and much more!

– How to plan the crossing of the mountains with regard to beginners.
– A few words about equipment, how to properly pack a backpack and what to leave at home.
– What food to eat and what good food can be cooked in field conditions.
– Basic equipment of a first aid kit.
– How to find a suitable place to sleep and what to look out for when camping in the mountains.
– Safety tips and the most common problems encountered by mountaineers.
– What map applications are usable for the outdoor and why a paper map and the art of orienting it in the field are still indispensable.
– Tips for nice laundries in the Czech Republic and mountain crossings abroad.
– Answers to your questions.
So don’t hesitate and start fulfilling your dreams!

Place: Prague, Czech Republic, everywhere – ONLINE
Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Start: 5.30 pm
Price: 27.07 €
Contact: 732 25 44 01 / redakce@zahorami.cz

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Praha, Česko


27.07 EUR

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