1st Virtual Viennese Treeathlon


The Vienna Treeathlon is a charity run, with the proceeds of which our city is greened. We want to encourage people to move – for a beautiful and livable future! 🌳

Due to the tightened measures announced by the government, we, unfortunately, have to announce with a heavy heart that the Treeathlon cannot take place this year as planned. The decision was not easy, but with the new regulations, it is no longer possible to run the race as planned. The current Covid measures will transform our event into a small but fine “aperitif run”. A big charity run will take place in spring next year.

There will only be 100 participants at the event, but we will still strive to ensure a nice running experience and an exciting supporting program (you can find the program below as a pdf)
The distance rules are of course observed.
As soon as 100 participants have been reached, all other people have the opportunity to be there from a distance. There is also the registration via this app More info
If you cannot participate, please send us a short email. Register, regardless of whether you want to be there on-site or with the app! Be there and move Vienna with us.
Take warm clothes with you and don’t forget the mouth and nose protection, which must be worn in the event centre. If you like to participate online, all instructions are on the app.

If you would like to donate without participating, our donation account is here: AT51 3412 9000 0022 3842 with the name Treeathlon. Sign up for our newsletter if you want to be informed about the use of the donations. Thanks for your support!

Date: Sunday, October 18, from 11 AM to 4 PM
Place: Vienna, Austria
Entry: 10€ – registration required
Contact: More info / treeathlon.wien@gmail.com / +436704040540

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Vienna, Rakúsko


10 EUR

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