Let’s give ourselves a Cinema – In Tor Bella Monaca It Never Rains


Don’t miss the projection of the film on the big screen! The Municipal Regional Park of Aguzzano invites you to the cinema.
In Tor Bella Monaca It Never Rains, is a story set in the Roman suburbs, where you grow up angry and most of the time in the bosom of prejudice. Among the various characters of Tor Bella Monaca, the film tells the life of Mauro (Libero De Rienzo), thirty-five in search of a job that does not lead to illegality and eager to build a future together with the woman he loves, Samantha (Antonia Liskova) . These objectives are not difficult to pursue, but not on the outskirts of a big city, where a correct and meticulous man like Mauro is an exception.
His existence, made up of precarious jobs, falls apart when his girlfriend leaves him for someone else. This event spurs him to do something, to win back Samantha, but first of all to seek a place in society to proudly face her future. At this moment, finding a job is like an oasis in the desert for him, but as often happens, it is only an illusion.
Teased by life, Mauro lets himself be involved in his friends, determined to commit a crime: rob the Chinese mafia.
It is necessary to have a mask and keep the distance between them.

Place: Casale Alba Due, Rome, Italy
Date: Friday, October 23, 2020
Start: 9:00pm
Price: free
Contact: coordinamentoparcoaguzzano@inventati.org

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Casale Alba Due, Via Gina Mazza, Rím, Taliansko



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