TOP Things to do in Vienna this Weekend

30.09.2020 - 04.10.2020

TOP things to do in Vienna this weekend. The weekend is already here and you still don´t know what´s going on in Vienna? Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered. Discover the best events in Vienna right now.

🐝Bee Festival 2020🐝
´Am Himmel´ brings you a one-time event where you can take your children and find out interesting facts about honey, bees and beekeeping. The Bee Festival will take place this Saturday and Sunday and offers you a chance to get to know the specific of honey-making process and try it by yourself as well. Various attractions for children, both fun and educational, have been prepared for your family to enjoy.
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🥳Circuito Latino Music Festival🥳
This weekend, you have a chance to shake your body to the rhythm of Latino beats at the Latino-fusion music festival. This 3-day event filled with plenty of music, movie screenings, other acts, and performances, prepared by The Perica Musikverein is a great event where you can find out a little bit more about the Latino culture.
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🎬Harry Potter Festival🎬
If you are a fan of Harry Potter, like movie marathons and going to the cinema, we have a perfect event for you. Starting this Sunday, every week you can come to the English Cinema Haydn and spend a little time there watching one of the 8 HP movies (or all of them :D) and immersing yourself into this magical world filled with spells, potions and plenty of adventure.
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🎨The Art of Banksy Exhibition🎨
The Art of Banksy ´without limits´. That´s the name of the exhibition of more than 100 replicas of art which are known to be created by the world-famous British mystery artist called Banksy. Prints, photos, and sculptures, all of this can be seen in Sofiensäle depicting the world form Banksy´s perspective.
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😎Zum Wilden Flea Market😎
If you don´t know where to go this weekend, check out this flea market. Zum Wilde Flea market offers its visitors good music, plenty of delicious food, drinks of all kinds and of course, great shopping opportunities. Come to this city oasis and have a look at the flea market and enjoy some time outside with your children, family, or friends.
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🎶Lost Social Music Festival🎶
Another great musical event comes back to Vienna. The contemporary electronic music festival brings a selection of the greatest sounds to get your ears buzzing. The Lost Social festival will take place this weekend from Friday to Sunday in Pratersauna and we are sure that it is going to be a lot of fun. So, take your friends and have fun.
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🥨October Beach Vienna🥨
Spend your weekend in great style at Vienna City Beach Club. If you don’t know what to do during the weekend, don´t worry. A series of evenings in Octoberfest-style filled with music, drinks, delicious food and of course, a great atmosphere has been prepared. Spend your evening in one of the Viennese favourite beach clubs at the shore of Danube and try some of the all-time Octoberfest favourites – pretzels, beer, and bratwursts
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🍰Marché aux Gazelles Food Market🍰
A gourmet event where you can try all kinds of delicacies will be happening this weekend at Aux Gazelles. Everybody will find there something to please their culinary senses– whether it be sweet, salty, bitter, or sour. Come to the Aux Gazelles Food market this Saturday and enjoy the highlights of the culinary world.
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☀️Sonnscheinbazar – Sunday Flea Market☀️
Mondscheinbazar invites you to their annual event – Sunday Flea Market at METAStadt. Come and have a look at the best handmade items, second-hand clothing, bags, accessories, and jewellery. For those who will be hungry, there will be a selection of food trucks offering various delicacies.
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💯Vienna Design Week💯
All design and aesthetic enthusiasts are in for a treat. A whole weekend of design-inspired workshops and events will be happening at various locations around Vienna. Get inspired at some of the various showcases which will present the best and up to date trends in the world of design. Please, check out the official program as some of the events may be rescheduled.
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🌮Brunchita in Taco Tante🌮
f you´re a fan of Mexican cuisine or simply like trying new and delicious food, come to the Taco Tante. Every Saturday, you can come to their brunch where you will be able to taste various kinds of breakfast tacos, burritos and of course, their famous mimosa which is by the way very good for your health.
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photo by @vienna_alexxandra

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