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Summer is almost over, students are returning to the city, the new academic year is about to begin, and the new Jewish year has just started, on Friday, September 18. One of the most important Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur, begins next Sunday and for the students, it will be the last weekend before the start of classes. How to combine these two seemingly distant topics? There is only one way – by creating a tour of Jewish education!

Believe us, there is a lot to talk about; during the walk, we will discuss the basics of the Jewish education originating in ancient times. Then, armed with this knowledge, walking around Kazimierz, we will see buildings where over the centuries whole generations of young Krakow Jews have studied. We will focus primarily on more modern times, the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Thanks to this tour you will find out why Krakow is one of the most important places in the world when speaking about the foundations of modern Jewish thought and education.
What will we see during the walk?
– schools!
– more schools!
But not to be too boring, let’s meet in front of a synagogue… but wait a minute! What exactly is a synagogue? Well, we will tell you this during the tour.
You will be guided by Maciek “Magic” Osika.
Join us at the Old Synagogue on Saturday at 3:30 pm!
You can book the tour here on freewalkingtours website. Remember that booking is obligatory, be sure to put your mask on, we will also be masked, but be sure that we will smile at you with our eyes! 🙂

We set a limit on the group size, so hurry up and book now!
Tours operate in our regular “free tour” formula – it is up to you to decide how to reward a guide for his work. The amount is voluntary. You can think of a tour as a trip to the cinema though. Similarly – you will have fun for about 2 hours. Let the amount reflect the ticket price – whether you were in a cheap studio cinema or in an expensive multiplex, it is only your decision! However, we ask you to restrain yourself and do not eat popcorn during the tour 😉
Feel invited!

Place: Kraków, Poland
Date: September 26, 2020
Start: 3.30 pm
Admission: Free

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Kraków, Polska



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