Top things to do in BUDAPEST this weekend

23.09.2020 - 27.09.2020

Discover the best things to do this weekend in BUDAPEST. The weekend is almost here and therefore we have prepared a list of top things you can do this weekend in Budapest.

😍Autumn Festival
Come to the autumn festival which will take place this weekend in Budapest. You can taste plenty of food-related to the autumn season and have some delicious drinks as well. There will also be vegan dishes, meals without sugar and gluten. The highlight of this event will be natural cosmetics, which is suitable for health and is not dangerous for the environment.
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😍Yoga BEAC
Practice Yoga on a Sunday night. A great exercise if you suffer from headaches or back pain and helps to keep the soul and body in harmony. This event is suitable for everyone. The instructor will teach you proper yoga exercises and show you how you can relax with the help of yoga.
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😍A Witch’s walk-in Gellerth
Don’t miss an adventurous walk in the Gellert Mountains. At this event, you will have the opportunity to see a beautiful view of the city, get to know the history and legends connected with this place and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you´re lucky, you may meet some witches along the way.
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😍Children’s day at the beach
Children’s Day offers a programme full of experiences for your little ones. Many surprises have been prepared and you can look forward to all of them. Painting, face painting, tattoo studio, bouncy castle, those are just some of the highlights of this event. Spend a nice day with your children outside and have fun.
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😍The Jungle Book theatrical performance
Over the weekend, visit the Budapest Theatre with your family or friends. The theatrical performance of The Book of the Jungle will be there just for you. Everybody knows this old and famous story about a little boy Maugli, so, don´t hesitate and get yourself a ticket. This event is a perfect opportunity for parents to spend some time with their children and enjoy the cultural scene in Budapest.
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😍Vegan Market
A vegan market will take place in the vegan garden on the last weekend of September. At great prices, you can buy vegan soaps, T-shirts, washing powders that are environmentally friendly, bags… Now you will have the opportunity to taste different types of vegan ice cream, Mexican food, vegan burgers and some other delicacies. Bring your family and friends with you and give them the opportunity to taste healthy food and learn how to protect our nature. Combine a healthy lifestyle with sustainability.
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😍BIO Wine Tasting at Domus Vinorum
Domus Vinorum invites you to their wine tasting event. A great selection of organic wine has been prepared and the Sommelier’s wine guide will uncover the secrets of the wine-making process, how do you taste wine properly, how different varietals differ from each other and many more. If you like the presented wine you can of course buy it and take it home with you. Salut!
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😍Comic Book Festival
The Hungarian Comic Book Festival takes place in Budapest for the 16th time already. You will have the opportunity to meet comic book creators, try out digital drawing and have a look at some new trends in the world of the comic. If you are a fan of comics, do not forget to visit this festival. For sure, it is a great event you´ll enjoy.
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😍Stranger Synths: Vice City Boat Party
Come to the Stranger Synths: Vice City Boat Party, enjoy some alcohol and have lots of fun. We will sail the Danube all night long and you can expect to shake your booty to the rhythm of the ´80s hits. Take as many friends and acquaintances as possible and come to enjoy it yourself. We are looking forward to you.
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Have a nice weekend 😊

📷 Zoltán Bődi


Budapest, Hungary



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