African market


On Saturday, September 26, we set out to please Bratislava with pleasure. We invite all lovers of exotics to the Miletičova market to real African markets full of flavors, aromas and an unforgettable atmosphere. What can you buy from us? Fresh fruits from Africa, such as the giant jackfruit, the most buttery avocado in the world, many kinds of bananas, mangoes or sweet pineapples. Fresh fruits from Asia, such as fragrant papaya, exotic snake fruit, smelly durian or beautifully colored dragon fruit. Dried fruits, long-smelling Zanzibar spices or quality chocolate, coffee and cocoa beans.

Place: Trhovisko Miletičova, Bratislava
Date: September 26, 2020
Time: 7:00
Admission: free

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Trhovisko Miletičova, Miletičova, Ružinov, Slovakia



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