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18.09.2020 - 31.12.2022

Find our tips for the best city trails in Bratislava and the most beautiful trails around Bratislava. If you want to run into the forest or nature here you can find tips for city rails where you can combine hiking with a visiting an abandoned rocket base, or where you will be crossing the Danube river on foot, or to camp directly next to the historical watermills. Bratislava and its surroundings offer many unique and amazing places and here we are bringing you the very best.

🍁 Missile base on the top of Devínska Kobyla🍁
One of the most interesting locations in Bratislava. The specialty of Devínská Kobyla is the border stones that separated the first Slovak state from the Third Rhine and an abandoned missile base from the Cold War. This massive base located in the area of the top of Devínská Kobyla is currently left unattended, slowly overgrowing with forest. At the highest point of Devínská Kobyla, there is also a newly opened lookout tower, which, thanks to its exceptional location, offers visitors views to Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic at the same time.

🌳 Železná studienka- most popular city park in Slovakia 🌳
Železná studienka is an iconic and most visited city park. It is easily accessible either by car, public transport, bicycle or on foot. Around the 15th century, a system of mills was located near the local ponds. Today Železná studnička is an ideal place for walks, running, cycling, simple hiking, spending free time with friends, or sports activities. It is also the starting point for many hikes and cycling trails in the forests of the Little Carpathians.

🌞 Dunajské luhy – very special face of Danube river 🌞
With its uniqueness and character, the protected area of Dunajske Luhy is a place you will not easily forget. It covers an area along the main current of the Danube river, and it is specific for many dead branches, swamps and peat bogs. From our own experience, we recommend the hike from the village of Bodíky following the tourist sign to the Gabčíkovo dam, which leads directly through some Danube branches, which need to be literally waded through.

🚣 Little Danube river- chill out rafting for all 🚣
The Little Danube river is nowadays the most popular rafting destination in Slovakia. It forms the largest river island in Europe, and the surroundings of the Little Danube river are mostly meadows and fields, which are, however, separated from the stream itself by a few tens of meters wide strip of floodplain forest. The most interesting section for the rafting is considered to be from the village of Zálesie to the confluence with the near village of Topoľníky. Also, there is a possibility to sail from Bratislava crossing the whole stream, as multi-day rafting, during which it is possible to camp near the unique wooden water mills in Jelka and Tomášikovo.

🍁 Červený kameň fortress – unique exhibitions 🍁
The fortress from the 13th century is unique for its preservation and number of unique exhibitions. Road and marked hiking trails to the fortress starts from the villages of Častá and Píla. In interiors, there is a unique exposition, focused on the development of the residential culture of the nobility and burghers, so you will find beautiful aristocratic salons, luxury bedrooms, a huge dining room and also a knight’s hall. Extensive castle cellars are built in the ancient underground spaces. Červený Kameň Castle is known by many because of many movies as filmed there. For example Dragonheart (1996), Fantaghirò (1991) or the famous Czech movie The Incredibly Sad Princess (1968).

A trip to the ruins of the Pajštún castle from the 13th century is a relaxing walk suitable for families with children. We recommend starting near the church in the village of Borinka (235 m), where it is possible to park a car and continue north to the side street following the red tourist sign. Longer and perhaps somewhat more interesting routes to the castle also lead directly from Bratislava.

😃 Lookout tower on Velká Homola 😃
The modern newly opened lookout tower on the top of Velká Homola is a very pleasant, undemanding trip. The comfortable route leads from the Zochova chata along with the red sign and lasts about an hour. We definitely recommend combining it with a visiting Modra town and its legendary wine cellars.

🍁 Záruby 🍁
The highest peak of the Little Carpathians with a height of 768 m.n.m. from which you will get a wonderful view. You can take this trip without any worries even in winter, when the peak has a really unusual atmosphere. It is possible to ascend to the top by a yellow tourist route from the Smolenice train station, a blue one from the center of Smolenice, or along the ridge by a red sign leading from the ruins of the Ostrý Kameň castle, by the Buková reservoir.

🌳 Vysoká 🌳
Due to the relatively remoteness of this location, peak is less visited, which can be a great advantage for many. At the top, after about a two-hour hike, you will be surprised by a really beautiful view. The starting point is either Zochova Chata or the village of Kuchyna.

👍 Vápenná 👍
Vapenna is considered by many (including myself) to be the most beautiful peak of the Little Carpathians, which is specific to a small 5 m high stout and beautiful view. The most popular route leads from Plavecke Podhradie village following the yellow sign. The route along the red mark from Sološnická dolina is shorter but relatively demanding. If you should choose only one peak of the Little Carpathians that you will visit, then it should be just Vapenná.

For any trip you decide, we hope that you will recharge your energy and enjoy it!

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